Beauty Series

A Beauty Overhaul

I’m not usually one for huge amounts of pampering, I’m more of a shower-as-quickly-as-possible, makeup-wipe-as-cleanser, hair-doesn’t-need-no-brushing kinda gal. The other day I told my friend I didn’t wash my face after using makeup wipes to remove makeup and she gave me a stunned look. Similar to the one I often get when I tell people I… Continue reading A Beauty Overhaul

Arts Series · Fashion Series

200 Years Of Australian Fashion

Melbourne often has a serious dearth when it comes to cool art exhibitions. Perhaps worsened by the fact that the only art I really love is fashion. So I was definitely excited to see the 200 Years of Australian Fashion exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. 200 years of fashion around the world would have been… Continue reading 200 Years Of Australian Fashion

Cafe / Restaurant / Food Series · Fashion Series

Having A Ball At Brunch

I’m known to be a serial over-dresser, but when heading to brunch with other bloggers can you ever really be overdressed? I mean that’s like asking if your camera lens can be TOO large. Or if you coffee can be TOO strong. Or if it’s a silly idea to pick the aesthetically pleasing dish over the one… Continue reading Having A Ball At Brunch