MFW 2018 – Student Collections

The Melbourne Fashion Week student collections easily stole the (runway) show, simultaneously presenting the most innovative, exciting and down-right ridiculous looks of the week. There was everything from oversized knitted oven gloves, to fake mobile phone accessories, to trolleys overflowing with yellow rubber gloves. There was never a dull moment. The collection that send models […]

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VAMFF 2018

From fashion to dust storm; the week of the Melbourne Fashion Festival presented an interested contrast, dashing to runway shows and then a music festival in the middle of the Australian bush. Here’s a quick recap of my favourite show from VAMFF (Runway 5,  presented by InStyle), before I swapped fluffy bags and slicked hair for […]

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Art & Stuff

To make up for the lack decent H&M stores, matcha soft serve and squirrels in Melbourne, the universe sometimes gives us some cool art/design exhibitions every now and again, like Triennial which is on at the moment. This one is even free, although they sneakily set it up so you’re forced to walk through all […]

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Cup Day

Unlike Derby Day, the Melbourne Cup dress code is pretty much anything goes – bold and extravagant pieces are encouraged. Perfect for me right? Yet, I generally struggle to find a single piece/dress that is ridiculous enough for me by itself (hence Derby Day layering of 4 pieces situation), so I was very excited when […]

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Derby Day

Along with the excitement of a day where you can never be overdressed (an issue that has haunted me (almost) my entire life), comes the dread of attempting to create a black and white outfit.

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Meet Me At JewelStreet

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of a bold accessory or two – from huge fluffy / hairy pompoms, to brightly-coloured-and-inevitably-completely-useless sunglasses, to chokers than range from kinda-cute to you-should-save-that-for-Berlin-only. Whether you fancy making a statement, having an architectural masterpiece around your neck or simply having a hint of sparkle to add to an […]

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Europe (Part C)

Just when you thought the Europe blog posts were done…here’s one last desperate attempt to pretend I’m still on holiday in Europe. The last part of this Europe series is dedicated to two of my favourite things: dressing bizarrely, and techno.

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Melbourne Fash Week

This September I was lucky enough to attend #MFW. That’s Melbourne Fashion Week, not to be confused (yeah in Melbourne’s dreams) with Milan Fashion Week, where I would of course (to put it bluntly) much rather be. That’s not to say #MFW didn’t provide some wonderful entertainment, some events to dress-up for (cos I don’t […]

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From Winter With Love

There’s not many people out there who like winter, but apart from the rain and other people being generally unhappy and not wanting to do anything, I actually don’t mind it. That said, having interesting winter clothes is really what makes it fun. 

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