The Thighs Have It

I think I have a legitimate problem when it comes to transitioning my wardrobe into new seasons. Every time the season changes, instead of simply wearing the clothes for that season, I desperately try to cling onto items appropriate for the last season in attempt to wear them for the longest time possible… I’m constantly trying to get by in short sleeves and skirts and wear them as far into winter as I can. This happens until I literally can’t move because I’m so cold. You’ll be pleased to hear that this stage in Melbourne weather has been reached and I’ve recently moved to shirts and pants. For some reason, I’m super worried about not having long enough to wear the clothes each season. This is completely ridiculous as if I actually wore my summer clothes in summer and winter clothes in winter, I’d end up wearing them for the same amount of time, just in the CORRECT season. So if you ever see me in boots in summer or freezing to death in winter, THIS IS WHY.

HOWEVER, somehow the opposite seems to have occurred with my over-the-knee boots. Instead of religiously wearing them at the first drop of an autumn leaf, I actually accidentally forgot about them until recently. Shock horror, I know. I’m yet to think of a satisfactory punishment for myself… This is one of the cons of having two overflowing shoe shelves (can someone point me in the direction of shoes anonymous?)

Anyway, since discovering these long lost boots, I’ve had to put in extra effort to wear them (in their correct season and all) to make up for lost time. And this is a real issue, given I’m moving to summerland (AKA Europe) for the next 3 months. Moral of the story is… here are a billion photos of these boots because I’ve been wearing them at every occasion where they’re deemed acceptable. NOTE the summer skirt and top in some of the photos, because well, see above. Yes they were taken in the recent winter days.

IMG_3305  image1 (2)

Outfit 1 Details – Black & Blue

  • Top – Sandro
  • Skirt – Sandro
  • Boots – Kurt Geiger
  • Bag – H&M
  • Pom-Pom – Topshop
  • Ring – hand made from Old Spitalfields Market, London
  • Earrings – Ele Miško (

image1 (3)image2 (3)

Outfit 2 Details – All in Black

  • Top – Sparkle & Fade
  • Skirt – And Other Stories
  • Boots – Kurt Geiger
  • Bag – Georgia Mae
  • Pom-Pom – Topshop
  • Earrings – Ele Miško

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