It’s All About That Fluff

After a sudden avalanche of fluffy monster pom-poms, curtesy of Prada, and fluff-decorated tops, curtesy of Fendi, the fashion world is fluff obsessed. More to the point, I am fluff obsessed, and we all know I take obsessions to a whole new level. My heart lies with one particular fluffy creature, my rainbow faux fur clutch. Recently, I’ve also added a black bag pom-pom to the collection so fluffy bag now has a pet (yes, a pom-pom pet is now a thing). This combination is the ultimate cure to any Miranda-lacking outfit, as you can see in my previous post featuring an all-black outfit (an EXTREMELY RARE occurrence).

Now fluffy bags and bag-attachments may not be the most practical thing ever. For example, ever had that issue where your zip catches on stuff? Imagine fur constantly surrounding and attacking your zip. Ever had a drink spilt on your handbag when out at night? Fur goes kinda hard and crunchy when it gets sticky drinks on it. But me and Mr Fluff have pushed through and he remains in good health, you’ll be pleased to know. He’ll possibly even have the privilege of coming to Europe with me if he promises not to let any pick pockets inside him…

To get your very own hand crafted unique furry friend.. check out

Image-1 (1)image2 (4)image2 (5)image1 (4)

Outfit Details

  • Top – Topshop
  • Skirt – Sandro
  • Boots – Topshop
  • Bag – Georgia Mae
  • Rings – Camden Market

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