Food For Thought

I feel like currently my ratio of food to fashion posts is maybe verging on inappropriate for someone whose alias is the girl who lived for CLOTHES. Although note there was a disclaimer in first post about me also being the girl who lived for brunching… 

Now I may or may not have a list of brunch locations in my phone that I will attempt to go to in my life. As a Melbournian it’s actually my duty to support the exorbitant number of hip cafes that open in Melbourne constantly. One of these goes by the name of Fifty Acres. There’s one rule that applies when you go to this cafe. You get the chorizo scotch eggs. Don’t even bother trying to search for instagram photos of other meals (a necessity if you don’t want to suffer extreme food envy / regret when your meal arrives) because they’re all of the chorizo scotch eggs. Unless you’re my vegetarian boyfriend and then you suck it up and get chorizo scotch eggs anyway… Nah not really.

Judging by the regularity of these food posts, I’m soon to be more like the girl who couldn’t-fit-into-her-clothes. I’m pretty sure it’s actually illegal though to go to Fifty Acres though and not get the scotch eggs. I’m off to the gym…

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