Cape Town VS Marble City

This week was my first without work AND last before Europe, that I tried to squish all goodbyes / packing / booking stuff into (do not recommend) .. so naturally I ate a lot of brunches, bought some new makeup and stressed a lot instead of actually doing stuff I needed to…

Monday involved a brunch (obviously) at Collective Espresso, consisting of coconut chia, passion fruit and poached pear porridge (orgasm in my mouth – little did I know my cheeks would be orgasming with Nars blush later…) and the most fantastic tastebud-popping chai tea I’ve ever tasted (gives matcha a run for its money if you ask me.)

It was a particularly fabulous day because I managed to make my jacket almost look like a cape. This made me extremely happy as I really really want to own a cape, but for some reason (much to my dismay) I don’t own one! I also headed to Mecca (heaven for makeup lovers) with treasured voucher in hand (cheap and Mecca don’t go hand in hand, unlike Miranda and voucher). Given I needed a new foundation and had some money to spend; I thought I might as well try out this raved-about Nars. I’m sorry but I have to join the ravers, it’s that good. I also somehow got conned into buying the sponge applicator as well…

I also caught the severe intoxication that the world has with marble. This is one very fabulous intoxication of course, although a little unusual given it’s more of an architectural trend rather than a clothing trend. How to take it one step further in true Miranda style? Step 1: obtain marble print pants and marble print clutch, step 2: wear together, step 3: look ridiculous. It’s as simple as that.

P.S. I bought a marble cuff today… OOPS (not sorry).

image1 (5) IMG_3717   IMG_3718 IMG_3721

IMG_3726IMG_3716 IMG_3723  IMG_3720

Outfit Details:

  • Jacket – Topshop
  • Top – Kenzo
  • Pants – Primark
  • Shoes – Zara
  • Bag – H&M
  • Bag Pom-Pom – Topshop
  • Rings – Camden Market (eye), House of Harlow 1960 (starburst abalone shell)
  • Choker – H&M

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