Au Revoir!

So today I head off on a trip around Europe for a bit over 3 months. Don’t even bother asking where I’m going because I’ll begin to reel off a list of a seriously excessive number of places (us Biomed kids don’t do thinks half-heartedly, when we do something, we do it PROPERLY) and you’ll lapse into a jealous rage and hate me and never read my blog again.

BUT if it makes you feel any better, just think about how I’m only going to have a BACKPACK full of clothes and shoes to sustain me for the entire time. Yeah, you’re not so jealous now are you…

Thankfully I’m going in Summer and I can squish in a billion teeny tops (I pride myself on my teeny-slutty-clubbing-top collection :P) and skirts into a small amount of space. The sad consequence of this is that I look like a turtle with this huge backpack on my bag, and I will feel exactly like a turtle if I fall over (ie I will NOT be able to get up). I’m hoping this happens to one of my friends and not me so I get to laugh because I think it would actually be quite funny to see. While my outfits may be seriously lacking due to this backpack issue, I’m hoping the settings will make up for it! I’ll be putting in my best effort of capturing stuff with a not-so-amazing iPhone camera, and forcing my friends into taking millions of photos of me.. (It’s more accepted if travelling I feel, so they have to comply 😉 ).

I’m sorry to admit that I’m actually wearing gym clothes currently. Now let’s just note, I actually own gym clothes to go to the GYM in, not just brunch… If you’re not from Melbourne, I’m sorry to have to inform you that there is currently a plague of legging + nike-wearing girls clogging the too-cool-for-their-own-good cafes of Melbourne. I normally refuse to engage in gym clothes-wearing anywhere except the gym, but aeroplanes are one exception. So sorry there’s no #ootd today (although I am wearing Lululemon and I mean if you’re gonna be seen in any gym clothes it has to be Lulu).

Lastly I apologise in advance for a serious lack of activity there will be from me on Instagram… In order to make up for this, here’s a compilation of this week’s eating extravaganza – squeezing enough brunches, Messina and maybe Nutella pizza (not sure why I’m eating gelato and pizza before heading to Italy) into this week to last me 3 months without Melbourne food. And also one last winter outfit.

See you on the flipside, time to hop on the longest plane of my liiiiiiiife.

P.S. Check out my Instagram for my location at all times!


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