Leather & Charm

Two things I’ve learnt over the past few days about Florence are that it’s a whole lot more charming than Rome, & that if I lived here I’d own enough handbags to wear a different one everyday of my life.

So it’s probably extremely lucky for my own good that I don’t live here. HOWEVER if I was to move to Florence ever, I’ve actually already chosen where I would live. The first option is the duomo, a breathtakingly stunning building. The second option is a gem of a store I discovered (and sneakily took photos of) called Luisaviaroma, which had some crazy / weird / awesome / highly random collaboration going on with Hasbro. In other words, the shop was entirely decorated with My Little Ponies. And YES, it was as cool as it sounds. Potentially better. There was rainbow Valentino. Enough said. The third option is the royal apartments in Palazzo Pitti. I think I’d do well in a palace. I certainly own enough shoes to fill all the rooms.

Anyway, after visiting the costume gallery at Palazzo Pitti, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was born potentially the wrong era, and definitely the wrong country. With my love for excessive bejewelled / coloured / patterned / embroidered clothing, I would have fit right with some of the historical fashion we saw in the gallery, and also in modern Italy. Walking past stores in Florence selling jewelled printed cut-out colourful bathers, fluoro plastic hand bags and rainbow sparkly studded shoes… I knew I’d found my calling. One day I’ll move to Florence (and live in either the duomo or Luisaviaroma or royal apartments of course) and no one will ever laugh at my colourfulness or tell me I’m overdressed EVER AGAIN. I also discovered Italian fashion was WAY ahead of us and doing bell sleeves before Australia even knew what they were…

On a winery tour in the Chianti region, I got to eat the best lasagne of my life while tasting the nicest wine of my life at a Tuscan winery. It potentially was enhanced by the hilarious (slightly sleazy but all the more Italian) guy calling us all princesses and explaining how to properly taste wine, while somehow managing to simultaneously flirt with every woman on the tour.

Our last day in Florence consisted of a tour out of Florence, to Cinque Terre. EVERYONE’s new favourite obsession. That we discovered is probably good if you haven’t been to Amalfi. Which we had. To put it bluntly it was kind of a not-as-good Amalfi Coast… Although with a little editing it was POTENTIALLY worth going just for the photo…


Photo Details: 

  • The world’s best gelato – with awards to prove it, in the medieval town of San Gimignano
  • Tuscan wine tasting
  • Winery in Chianti
  • Leather bag from Florence markets
  • Luisaviaroma x Hasbro
  • Luisaviaroma x Hasbro
  • Costume gallery in Palazzo Pitti
  • View from Ponte Vecchio
  • Costume gallery in Palazzo Pitti
  • Duomo of Florence
  • Gelato in Florence
  • Cinque Terre – Manarola
  • Cinque Terre – Manarola

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