Byzantine Empire 

While Florence proposed a challenge in terms of baggage space, Venice posed a challenge in a different sense, yet just as heartbreaking. While glass jewellery, miniature animals and colourful plates may be relatively small, they’re anything but easy to transport around for 3 months.

In a sea of amazingly colourful (clearly a big attraction for me) and delicately printed glass it was a struggle to leave without a shop AND zoo-worthy collection of glass jewellery / animals. Don’t worry, I managed to convince myself that a ring, 2 necklaces, miniature hedgehog and miniature lolly was an acceptable amount (the hedgehog is the size of a fingernail). Venice also made really wish I’d had a masquerade themed 21st and come to Venice prior to purchase my mask. Although given the time it would take for the choice to be made (and the number of options being endless) I probably wouldn’t have ever made it back in time for the actual party. 🎭

A trip to Murano (glass making island) and Burano (lace making island) certainly ruled out some potential career options, such as glass blowing in 30 degrees Celsius next to a 1200 degrees Celsius furnace & lace sewing one microscopic stitch at a time; as well as opening doors for potential wedding gift registries (rainbow $12000 glass chandeliers and handmade lace doilies).

Last but not least, Milan was our final stop (I realised I had written “shop” instead of “stop” just after I posted this… Freudian slip much) in Italy. Today we head off the Greek Islands (wish us luck)! Milan is a shopping haven and after telling myself I wasn’t going to buy much (not a good start) because my suitcase already didn’t shut, I accidentally (on purpose) bought 2 tops, 2 pairs of shorts, a jumpsuit, 2 pairs of earrings, a bag tassel and a second bag pompom (YES IT WAS ENTIRELY NECESSARY). And yes, my current happiness relies on the presence of fluffy ball shapes objects attached to my handbags. No, I am not 5 years old (although I have recently been asked what school I go to).

Photo Details:

  • Nutella cannoli in Venice
  • Venice canals
  • Piazza San Marco
  • The biggest calzone ever made
  • Campanile in Piazza San Marco
  • View of Venice from up the Campanile
  • Gondola ride
  • Murano Venetian glass
  • View of Venice from up the Campanile
  • Venice grand canal
  • Burano – lace making island
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II
  • Famous pizza in Milan
  • Duomo of Milan
  • Duomo of Milan
  • Duomo of Milan

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