Too Cool For School

Happy to be back on solid ground after a week on a boat, we continued our travel journey by flying up to Copenhagen, Denmark. After spending 3 days there, I concluded that this city was in fact just too cool for me.

Now this is because the Danes are able to nail the monochromatic & minimalistic look with such precision, that I was left feeling underwhelmed with my patterns and colours. Their looks were so uber cool that they inspired me to venture out shopping with the goal of recreating a new monochromatic minimalistic look (or one outfit at the very least) for myself. Many hours of searching through shops later, it was sadly clear to me that this look just was NOT for me. I really should have learnt after the many unsuccessful attempts of trying on multiple huge oversized shirts (in separate shops), that this item in particular perhaps does not suit short people. However, I did learn what to buy if I ever wanted to dress up in a potato sack costume. So I guess it’s back to patterns and colours for me, BUT maybe one day in the future you’ll see me wearing the signature Melbourne black and rocking a Danish-inspired minimalistic outfit. MAYBE.

I also did a walking tour of Copenhagen and happened to stumble across my soul mate. She was wearing double tassels as well. And as you can guess, she wasn’t from Copenhagen. Even the Zara here sold hipster black clothes and lacked the huge range of literally-tasseled-anything that the ones in Spain boasted. I suppose they’re too cool for tassels here.



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