Miranda Goes Monochrome

I had high expectations for a city that boasts the most creative #ootd backdrops (East Side Gallery), as well as one of the richest histories of any city, and a too-hipster-for-their-own-good population that puts Melbourne (the capital of wannabe hipsters) to shame.

If you enjoy the warehouse nightlife (literally every club or bar is in an old warehouse / unrenovated apartment / old power plant, I guess they’re too hipster for actual buildings) and you love looking like you fell into a pool of tar (Berlin actually hasn’t discovered that thing called colour yet) then you’re in the right place. You can imagine how I felt turning up with a suitcase of fluffy blue jumpers, pink sparkly skirts and coloured pom-poms. HOWEVER, I did also arrive (curtesy of Copenhagen) with a newly-found love for neutral toned, textured and oversized items. I even managed to pick up a black leather trim sheer shirt by a Danish brand, and neoprene oversized coat (neutral tones, tick; texture, tick; oversized, tick). For one of the first times ever in my life, I found myself heading for the black and white sections of clothing stores. Shock horror. I even started to believe for a second that I liked runner-style shoes. Clearly Berlin is driving me insane.

Now while this city may have appeared at first as very big and slightly unbuilt (I’ve never seen so many cranes in my life), the charm of Berlin was yet to be found in the underground scene. As we were lucky enough to meet a group of incredible Germans, we got taken to some of the weirdest and coolest hidden clubs on earth that it’s pretty much impossible to get into (or even know about) as a tourist. They seem to have a penchant for dressed up bouncers (think men in army uniforms, onesies and nail polish), labyrinth-like layouts (that present a serious challenge every time you want to move rooms) and unusual outdoor chill areas (tractors to sit on?). I’m potentially scarred for life from the toilets, but it was certainly made up for by the rest of the experience.

After the few days I spent there, I realised that while there was an (over) abundance of black, being in Berlin was not about pretending to be a supposed “hipster”, but meeting real Berliners and experiencing the city how they do. I did not feel the charm of Berlin that some people do immediately, but after putting in an effort to search for it, I did find it, and it was entirely and utterly worth it. Currently entering post-Berlin depression and will probably be wearing black from now on as a funeral to the end of our Berlin trip.

P. S. As I was walking along the street writing this post, I over heard someone mocking the monochrome-ness of the city as they went past me… Just sayin’ 😛


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