Off The Richter – L’Addict X The Girl Who Lives For Clothesi

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, off-the-shoulder dresses and tops are a trend of the moment… they’re EVERYWHERE! So in response, fellow blogger, Tahira, of and I have teamed up to show you guys how two girls with very different styles would wear one trend!

Miranda: Now I first saw this trend last year in Europe. As usual, the stores over there were a good 6 months (minimum) ahead of us with the trends… pick up your game Australia. Either way, this trend has managed to swim its way across the Indian Ocean (don’t quote me on that) and off-the-shoulder items are flocking into stores in Australia.

The one thing this trend didn’t realise though, was that it was actually a different season in Australia (apparently off-the-shoulder items aren’t the cleverest) and that perhaps this trend was NOT so suited to icy rainy (possibly snowy) days that the Australian, particularly Melbourne, winter presents. ENTER BLOG POST – how to wear off-the-shoulder items in a Melbourne winter.

So how on earth do I wear bare shoulders in winter you ask? Well it took a little thought and a little digging into my summer wardrobe. Surprisingly, I haven’t recently been wearing the fluoro yellow off-the-shoulder dress I bought in London last year… because well, I don’t particularly want to lose my shoulders to frostbite, they’re kinda useful (how would I hold coats on without shoulders?!!! It’s not like I can use my arms!)

Your best bet is probably to book a trip to a European summer (as you may have noticed is what I’ve done I’m sorry to say, took the easy way out), pop a cute coat over (until you arrive at the INDOOR activity you’ve organised), or grin and bear it (another personal favourite).


Outfit 1 Details: Oh My Love! dress, Evil twin jacket, Sportsgirl booties, McQ clutch

Outfit 2 Details: Forever New vest, Topshop heels, Country Road cuff, Alannah Hill bag

Tahira: Lucky for lazy-girls living Stateside, summer is still here – but quietly waning, so let’s bare some shoulders! For my look, I opted for a black, eyelet off-the-shoulder blouse from Zara and some classic striped shorts, also from Zara; you may still be able to grab them, here . And for a fun pop of color, I pulled my hot pink pair of Stecy heels by Steve Madden from Nordstrom.


Head to to read Tahira’s blog post for more about how she styles her off-the-shoulder look!

Photos of me credit to Danielle Kate Simpson

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