Eastern Pearl

Eastern Europe was certainly one of the regions I’d been most excited for in the entire trip (although it’s impossible to name a place I WASN’T excited for to be honest).

Our first stop was Prague which was like a stunning combination of Paris and Copenhagen. The streets filled with incredible old buildings capture the charm and elegance of Paris, with an added friendliness that Paris can often lack if you’re not a francophone like me (the Paris charm can be hard to find, but once you’ve found it you never go back). The feeling of utter regret and sickness after consuming an entire trdelník (Czech pastry donut thing) is also alike to the feeling after consuming your 4th Nutella crepe for the day.

Next stop was Vienna where the buildings only get grander and grander, almost like a whiter and more imposing version of Prague. If you like palaces then Vienna is most likely your city. You will probably pass one wherever you walk. In fact, it’s more difficult not to see a palace in Vienna than to see one. We chose particularly to go into the Belvedere palace which holds the extremely famous Klimpt painting, “The Kiss”. They rather conveniently place a fake version of this painting at the entrance to take photos of, as you’re not allowed to photograph the real thing. In future, it would be fabulous if ONE city in Europe would make a gallery of fakes of every single famous and important painting ever. This would allow me to simply attend this one museum and thus avoid having to go to 2949388484 museums to see all the necessary ones. The time I spent traipsing through multiple museums could be more efficiently spent shopping. I joke, I joke (but am I really…?)

Perhaps it was the eastern mystery, we aren’t really sure, but something here drove us a little crazy… And led to the rearrangement of our trip to allow us to return to Berlin… Stay tuned for the rest of East – most importantly, Budapest.

Photo 11-09-2015, 5 39 10 PM Photo 11-09-2015, 5 40 36 PM Photo 11-09-2015, 5 43 17 PM Photo 11-09-2015, 5 44 22 PM Photo 11-09-2015, 5 45 02 PM Photo 11-09-2015, 5 45 46 PM



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