Hung(a)ry for Buda-best

It’s finally almost the end of my trip (cries, although my obesity / suitcase wardrobe situation / exhausted appreciation for churches requires me to return home ASAP I think). So yes, I will soon be returning to reality, although nonetheless with a fabulously upgraded wardrobe.

This will namely be due to Topshop shopping sprees in London (which happens to CONVENIENTLY be my last stop) – thank you in advance.

The (one and only) downside of traveling for this long is that I am most thoroughly over-churched, over-museumed and over-fooded (if that’s even possible, I didn’t think it was before I had to try a different fancy cuisine everyday for 3 months). Now all I want in life is a gym and sushi (I may have had a bento box in Budapest – don’t tell please, I just couldn’t face another goulash).

The first two days of Budapest were a struggle after the arrival off a 14 hour train from Berlin… Yes we liked it that much that we spent a day and night on a 12 and 14 hour train to get back there. It was 100% worth it. However I would NOT recommend doing a walking tour straight after this if you want to have full (or any) appreciation for the history of Budapest. I can always learn about Budapest history next euro trip I suppose.

Budapest truly is a hidden gem with a fascinating combination of things. The super intense historical museum, the House of Terror, really was quite terrifying but all the more interesting and I could actually keep my eyes open during my visit, unlike on the walking tour. There’s the very famous, but kind of (a lot) gross spa baths, where you just ignore the fact that the water is green. And lastly, the coolest “ruin” bars ever (think furniture hanging from ceilings) that almost, ALMOST gave the Berlin underground scene a run for its money. I would also highly recommend doing an “escape room” which is found in most cities, but originated in Budapest. It’s extremely amusing and subtly educational game for adults where you are locked in a themed room and need to use clues to find your way out in 60 minutes. It’s better than I just made it sound… And just for the record, we made it out with 15 minutes to spare. 😏

With ruin bars, boat parties and (s)parties, if you like to party with a twist, this is the city for you. If you like clean clubs with lots of air conditioning and fresh air this is NOT the city for you. Either way Budapest is one of the coolest cities I’ve been to and I would have stayed longer given the chance (and some sleep).


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