Melbourne Coffee Culture

What Melbourne lacks in culture, (I joke, but seriously how many UNESCO world heritage listed medieval centres does it have) it makes up for in coffee.

I found the coffee in Europe either not worth the PRICE (Copenhagen needs to learn that $7 is NOT an appropriate amount of money for a coffee, be it good OR bad) or not worth the QUALITY. The only exception was Italy which almost, ALMOST gave Melbourne a run for its money. That would be cruel though because then the ONLY thing that Melbourne would have over Italy would be smashed avocado (I don’t think Europe has quite grasped the concept of avocado yet). Clearly the lack of coffee is making me angry and I thus need to use EXCESSIVE amounts of capital letters to get my point across.

As the daughter of a coffee connoisseur, my childhood memories involve traipsing around shopping centers for the most Italian looking and least-likely-to-overheat-the-coffee (my mum’s pet hate) barista so that my mother could continue the day without turning in the Hulk. I was brought up with no other option but to love good quality coffee. Much to my mum’s (and I’m sure the blogging community’s) horror however, I do sometimes consume the devil, also known as instant coffee, because often my desire for coffee overrides my hate for bad coffee. Just try to think of it as a warm drink, rather than a coffee and it tastes much better. And what a bad coffee lacks in tastes, it always makes up for in photo / blogging opportunities. Which is all that matters of course, nobody in Melbourne actually buys food or drinks for the flavor do they?

P.S. The answer to the question you’ve all been wondering – well, as the daughter, cousin and girlfriend of true coffee devotees, the joint conclusion is that Standing Room boasts the best coffee in Melbourne. The likes of Crabapple Kitchen, Snow Pony and Prospect Espresso have also been known to provide a good caffeine hit. Top Paddock iced coffees are also on point. Feel free to debate.

Photo 8-10-2015, 2 13 14 PMPhoto 8-10-2015, 2 10 02 PMPhoto 8-10-2015, 2 11 59 PM Photo 8-10-2015, 2 15 08 PMPhoto 8-10-2015, 2 13 58 PM

Outfit 1 Details: American Retro top, Sandro skirt, Kurt Geiger shoes, Zara bag, H&M choker

Outfit 2 Details: H&M dress, Claudie Pierlot sandals, River Island clutch

2 thoughts on “Melbourne Coffee Culture

  1. Said coffee connoisseur (AKA Hulk) puts in a vote for Addict in Johnston st (fabulous coffee without waiting or pretensions) and Cafe Lua in Drummond St (lots of waiting and pretensions but almost worth it)


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