Fancy, And Possibly Rebellious Nance

I attended my first ever ‘Hens party’ at a place called Fancy Nance. At this event, I experienced what would have to be the most unusual high tea ever. While it was most certainly fancy, it was also very unexpected, or rebellious one might even say. If it was an outfit, this high tea would wear navy and black together, clash gold and silver jewellery and wear many different patterns. It would break all the rules. In other words, it would probably be me… 

The high tea package was titled “Pretty Flamingo”. We sampled ‘Long Johns’ which consisted of a donut-like structure filled with chocolate custard, covered in salted caramel and topped with honeycomb shards. We crunched on avocado and pancetta sprinkled wafers, brownies, scones with questionably flavoured jam, fried chicken rolls, octopus salad, and berry barley with eucalyptus gum parfait topped by vanilla vinaigrette.

Now you’re probably assuming I spoke about the Long John first because it was the most exciting. No, in fact I mentioned it first because that’s the order the food arrived in. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I normally consume savoury food first and sweet food afterwards. I’d always assumed dessert came after the main meal, however apparently my life has been a lie. If I hadn’t attended this high tea I might never have known this. It turns out sweet food is actually supposed to be served BEFORE savoury. The sweets and wafers came first, followed by the octopus and chicken rolls. While this was different and certainly delicious, I think I prefer my food in the reverse order…

Photo 13-10-2015, 3 34 18 PMPhoto 13-10-2015, 3 35 51 PMPhoto 13-10-2015, 3 37 29 PMPhoto 13-10-2015, 3 38 28 PMPhoto 13-10-2015, 3 39 16 PMPhoto 13-10-2015, 3 42 05 PM

Outfit Details: Agnes B. top, Claudie Pierlot skirt, Kenzo bag

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