Ice, Ice, Baby

As someone who loves tea (now remember liking tea doesn’t mean I like coffee any less), health-oriented products and a cheeky bev on a hot Melbourne afternoon (or morning, spare me your judgement – it was the Caulfield Cup), it was to my very pleasant surprise when I discovered a new drink combining all these things.

Aside from being an extremely fashion-conscious person, whose happiness in life is often determined by the adequacy of my outfit (joking a little, or am I..), I’m actually a fairly health-conscious person as well. So when I first heard about this mysterious drink that’s as guilt-free (as alcohol comes) as the perpetually awful vodka lime sodas I normally sip on, it was very refreshing (literally AND figuratively) and I couldn’t wait to taste it! Trumpeters ice tea somehow fulfills my love for tea, while also being ethically sourced, Australian Certified Organic (never a bad thing to not consume chemicals) and no more than 6% sugar.

With nothing more perfect to enjoy on a beautiful Spring day, my friends and I sipped on cocktails made from Trumpeters ice tea before heading off to one of the biggest events of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, the Caulfield Cup. And for once, unlike vodka lime sodas EVER WILL, Trumpeters had the boys putting down their beers…

Photo 18-10-2015, 2 47 41 PMPhoto 18-10-2015, 2 52 59 PMPhoto 18-10-2015, 2 48 28 PMPhoto 18-10-2015, 2 51 21 PM (1)Photo 18-10-2015, 2 49 30 PMPhoto 18-10-2015, 2 54 26 PM

I recommend drinking Trumpeters either alone over ice, or with sparkling mineral water and a squeeze of lime juice for an extra citrus hit! Head to Trumpeters Ice Tea for stockists.

P.S. After bragging about how great a deal my friend got on his suit jacket, he proceeded to require an explanation by me as to what Savile Row was…

Outfit Details: Nicholas The Label bustier, Zimmermann skirt, Topshop shoes and bag

Collaboration sourced via Shopping Links and sponsored by Trumpeters Ice Tea.

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