Açaí All Day Every Day

Now when açaí berries boomed into existence about 10 years ago, with claims they could do anything from weight loss to increasing the size of certain, umm, body parts, I was highly doubtful about their supposed ‘health benefits’. Around 10 years later, and there is in fact still little scientific evidence to prove that açaí has any miraculous effects on health… However while it may not be the most effective supplement going around, it certainly is the most fashionable.

Now this may sound bizarre, but I’ll often base my brunch choice (NOTE: nobody eats breakfast or lunch anymore) on the most aesthetically pleasing meal. And I’m sure while you may deny it, many of you will understand what I mean (no one REALLY likes chia, but it’s still on menus isn’t it). So you’ll understand what it’s like to secretly want the super plain smashed avo but get the muesli because it’s oh, so prettier and will look way better in an Instagram. Just for the record, I actually really like muesli and my boyfriend normally gives me (or has taken by me, same diff) a bite of his smashed avo because that’s the only thing he does, and ever will, order. He also claims to NOT LIKE avocado when I try to put it in salads, but refuses to go anywhere for brunch that DOESN’T serve smashed avo – moral of the story, boys are confusing.

So for all you aspiring-to-aesthetically-brunch, açaí is your savior. It’s delicious, sometimes a little naughty (hidden granola makes me jump for joy), and always aesthetically presented. BUT I still haven’t quite deciphered how they make them look so perfect…

My best picks in Melbourne are:

  • For something sweeter and cheekier – My Other Brother, 586 Burke Rd, Camberwell
  • For the original and the ultimate – Sardi, 111 Church St, Hawthorn
  • For the prettiest (with smoothies to match) – Combi, 140 Ormond Rd, Elwood
  • My favourite, based on size and granola quality – Mr Mister, 161 Chapel St, Windsor (SEE featured image)
  • READ: hidden granola – Drugstore Espresso, 94 Toorak Rd, South Yarra
  • For a snack to cool down on a hot day – Green Press, 7/525 Little Collins St, Melbourne
  • The second one I’ve pictured is from Legacy Camberwell, however I found the flavour of the granola a little odd.
  • The last is my pathetic attempt at making my own…

Let me know if anyone has any other favs! 😉

Photo 21-10-2015, 4 18 36 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 15 06 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 17 43 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 12 11 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 17 18 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 16 11 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 15 45 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 13 28 PMPhoto 21-10-2015, 4 21 36 PM

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