Lucky Hue

Now while I’m not normally one for religiously following trends (not that I’m against it either), I can safely say I managed to nail the camel coat trend. Now how did I do this? Well I happened to own a camel coat, it was pretty easy actually. This coat has been in my wardrobe from a few years back, so I guess you could say I’ve been nailing the trend for a few years now. Maybe I started the trend, who knows.

Sadly for me though, the days of weather where I can wear coats (without looking like I’ve just done a workout) appear to be almost over. Which is saying something given I have a penchant for dressing utterly inappropriately for the weather. Being hot however is NOT something I enjoy and it tends to cause me to enter a state of distress and inability to do anything except stand there and complain A LOT. The biggest struggle during my recent European trip was the sweltering heat…who knew a European summer could rival that of Melbourne – the home of bizarre & extreme weather. Therefore depressingly, this may be the coat’s last playtime before next winter.

Photo 29-10-2015, 4 41 40 PMPhoto 30-10-2015, 1 35 53 PMPhoto 30-10-2015, 1 36 12 PMPhoto 30-10-2015, 1 36 39 PMPhoto 30-10-2015, 1 37 35 PMPhoto 30-10-2015, 1 13 37 PMPhoto 30-10-2015, 1 36 39 PM

Outfit Details: H&M dress, Topshop coat and belt, Kenzo boots, Galeries Lafayette clutch, Alexander McQueen ring, Krystle Knight cuff

Photos by Jasmic Ilic (@jasminilic Instagram)

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