Mr M Says…

Mr Miyagi says it’s worth the wait – and it WAS. Of course I didn’t actually end up waiting long because I was, rather conveniently (shh), running on Miranda-mean-time (AKA 10 minutes late) give or take 10 minutes… 

The decor (or aesthetic, for all you bloggers unfamiliar with that word) is modern and moody. There’s hilarious quotes by “Mr M” on the walls, menus and even chopstick packaging. The only flaw was the carelessly dim lighting, which less than allowed for a decent photo to be taken. Just a warning for anyone heading there to prepare for this traumatizing situation. And we all know if there’s no photos, you didn’t ACTUALLY eat the meal. Now that would be a horrific crime at a place like this.

We sampled the prettiest sashimi plate I’ve ever seen, DIY pulled pork (pork should NEVER, I repeat never be eaten any other way) steamed buns, the nori taco and the roast duck roti wrap. I’m ashamed to say that I was too full (and broke) for dessert. The menu full of incredible sounding choices is overwhelming, but it would be literally impossible to choose badly. As Mr Miyagi says “Decision not so important. All tastes good.”

If you’re heading there I recommend going on a Sunday evening when it’s quietest, AND, to order the entire menu. It may cost you as much as half a Chanel handbag, but it will be almost as good. 😉

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