How It All Began – With Blue Brogues

So you might wonder how it all began? The whole colour / print mashup thing. Surprisingly, I wasn’t always this ridiculous when it came to dressing. Although I have been told I refused to take off my huge tule Cinderella dress I had when I was 4, even when I went to gymnastics class. You can imagine how that went down with the teacher… 

I was excited about fashion before, but I don’t think it was until I laid my fussy little eyes on these bright blue brogues that my love for colours and patterns really boomed. I spotted these in the London Oxford Circus Topshop store (AKA the best place on Earth) when I was 17. I’m now 21 and they’re still gorgeous (I think anyway). These pants are also some old, also Topshop, also from London, also purchased at the Oxford Circus store (you will tend to notice a trend with my wardrobe… )
Contrary to the whole ‘oxfords not brogues’ motto, I’m all for the brogues. That’s a Kingsman reference BTW – an extremely bad, yet highly amusing spy movie. NOTE: I have an unhealthy obsession with spy movies/books/etc.
Photo 21-11-2015, 11 38 42 AMPhoto 21-11-2015, 11 39 16 AMPhoto 21-11-2015, 11 39 52 AMPhoto 21-11-2015, 11 40 22 AMPhoto 21-11-2015, 11 55 31 AMPhoto 21-11-2015, 11 36 52 AMPhoto 21-11-2015, 11 38 12 AM
Outfit Details: Armani shirt, Topshop pants and brogues, Maje clutch
Photos all by Jasmic Ilic (@jasminilic Instagram).

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