Pamper Me

I’m not usually much of a beauty regime person. I’m normally more of a shower-quick-and-move-onto-next-activity person (mostly because I’m always late… ) However, on this beautiful Saturday I had a few spare hours and decided to pamper myself, courtesy of Trefiel’s unique new range of lace-style face masks. Seriously though, who could resist a face mask that looks like lace?  

The mask was super refreshing, and moisturizing/hydrating, without over-saturating my skin. The mask also smelt reassuringly natural, unlike some of the over-perfumed / over-flavoured / over-yuck products on the market. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re covering yourself in chemicals, when you already have to be worried about fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified food, heavy metals in the water, processed meats, sunlight, fat, sugar, carbs, food, air, and UFOs carrying evil cancer-causing aliens.

Heading into the skin devil period (AKA Summer + suncream all day erryday) my skin will definitely appreciate the special treatment.

What does your beauty regime consist of and how do you take care of your skin in Summer?


Head to Trefiel’s website for more info on their masks!

Sponsored by Trefiel.

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