Maximalist Minimalism

NOT two words that normally go together, but as I recently discovered, also NOT mutually exclusive. A way to combine my new-found love for minimalism with my undying love for maximalism. Enter maximalist minimalism.

Now while it’s all very well owning donut-shaped rings, and mad scientist lego necklaces, when it comes to get dressed for work in an office, or if I actually want my jewellery to ever (ever) match my outfit, I realised that I needed to branch out (or perhaps branch in, in this case) a little when it came to picking jewellery. So I vowed to purchase some more ‘classic’ pieces… As classic as they come with me anyway.

How to create this subtle, yet statement look? Think classic shapes but oversized, clashing metals, and geometric shapes. Rings for the little finger, thumb and mid-finger position if you’re game. And definitely throw on rose gold, yellow gold and silver all at once if you’re daring, which I always am. My favourite pieces to create this look at the uneven pearl ring I stumbled upon in Santorini and couldn’t leave without, my classic gold chain-turned ring from The Peach Box, and my brand spanking new oversized & luxurious yet understated watch from Christian Paul Watches.

Oh, and BTW maximalist minimalism doesn’t only apply to jewellery.

P.S. I like to think I came up with this concept so for anyone who would like to speak of it, my copyright costs are one Chanel (Celine and Chloe also accepted) handbag per usage.

Photo 6-12-2015, 2 11 09 PMPhoto 6-12-2015, 2 13 18 PMPhoto 6-12-2015, 2 14 23 PMPhoto 6-12-2015, 2 14 59 PMPhoto 6-12-2015, 2 15 40 PMPhoto 6-12-2015, 2 16 29 PMPhoto 6-12-2015, 2 18 03 PM


  • H&M – choker, marble studs, gold rings, rectangle necklace
  • The Peach Box – nail ring, gold chain ring
  • Kenzo – tiger phone case
  • Topshop – sequin bag
  • Mimco – rose gold and black double ring

Sponsored by The Peach Box.

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