The New Nude

If nude is nude, then colour is colour. But what if leopard print is your nude? Then the entire colour scheme is turned inside out.

I think my problem is that leopard print is my nude. So to make a bold statement, there’s no point me moving up to a colour or a pattern because my nude is already coloured and patterned. Therefore in order to create what normal people would call a ‘statement’, I am required to either clash colours and patterns, and make more of what some people would call a ‘mess’.

While I’m writing this from a bright yellow top and marble printed pants, I have actually been attempting to blind/shock/horrify slightly less people recently. Not because I care about their eyesight, but mostly because of my new found love for real nudes. The way nude clothes match (compared to a wardrobe full on entirely colour and patterns) is almost too easy though. I enjoy the challenge.

Photo 13-12-2015, 2 37 19 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 38 25 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 41 57 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 42 51 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 44 10 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 44 59 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 46 18 PMPhoto 13-12-2015, 2 47 26 PM

Outfit 1: Topshop skivvy, coat and shoes, H&M culottes and earrings, River Island clutch

Outfit 2: Storm & Marie shirt, Zara coat, H&M culottes, River Island clutch, Topshop boots

Outfit 3: Topshop tunic, coat and boots, River Island clutch

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