The Falls

How does The Girl Who Lived For Clothes survive camping? She doesn’t. So for four days I had to become The Girl Who Lived For Festivals…

Someone who doesn’t care about being covered in layers (and I mean layers) of dirt, having a sun-creamy complexion and wearing weather-appropriate outfits. Or at least someone who tried not to care (easier said than done).

The Falls Music and Arts Festival was an incredible four days spent with 20 good friends and 16,500 others… While it was a music festival, there were certainly some people who thought it was a fashion parade and some people who mistook the festival grounds for a nude beach.


  1. Screaming to The Wombats and frothing over their too-good-to-be-true English accents.
  2. Dancing to Art VS Science’s Magic Fountain, ie the most ridiculous song on earth.
  3. Finding out that the festival sold sushi.
  4. When the sun went down on the 40 degree day.
  5. The 5 seconds of cleanliness after using an entire packet of baby wipes up on removing dirt from my feet.
  6. Looking tanned from dirt.
  7. The sexy/husky stage of loosing my voice.
  8. Eating chips for every meal and not even caring.
  9. The triumph of managing to coordinate 6 cars worth of 20 people to stick together in a line from Melbourne to our allocated festival campsite.
  10. When my BF wore a glowstick choker.


  1. When The Wombats didn’t play a 3 hour set of every song they’ve ever made.
  2. When The Wombats finished playing.
  3. Finding out that my avocado went mouldy.
  4. Waking up at 7am and thinking I was going to die because my tent was 500 degrees.
  5. Coming home at 4am to find my blow up mattress had deflated.
  6. Having to share portable toilets with 16,500 people who apparently never learnt how to go to the toilet in the actual toilet… And wait 2 hours for a shower, only to be covered in dust again 5 seconds later.
  7. Realising I was sunburnt under all the dirt.
  8. The man-sounding stage of loosing my voice.
  9. Feeling like a blob of death because I ate chips for every meal.
  10. The coordination of ensuring 6 cars stayed together over a 5 hour driving/waiting ordeal from Melbourne to our festival campsite.

What an end to 2015, a year of working full time, travelling for 3.5 months, starting this blog and camping for the first time in 6 years. 2016 coming at ya.

Photo 2-01-2016, 4 02 17 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 02 52 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 03 45 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 04 24 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 05 12 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 05 45 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 06 31 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 07 29 PMPhoto 2-01-2016, 4 08 04 PM

Outfit 1: Topshop top, skirt and boots

Outfit 2: Leftie jumpsuit, Lacoste shoes, Topshop sunglasses and bag

Outfit 3: H&M top and shorts, Lacoste shoes, Topshop bag


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