The Anti-Resolutionist’s Resolutions

I’ve never been one for ‘resolutions’ as such… If you want to do something then why not just do it? The change of one number at the end of a date won’t make anyone love burpees, won’t induce a hatred of deep fried anything, won’t stop wine feeling like it should be consumed by the bottle (it should always be), and we all know for certain that it won’t ever make Melbournians or Berliners stop loving black. NOTHING can ever change that.

So what does a new year mean then? While I’m technically anti-resolution (I’m also technically anti-minimalist but wait till you see my new slides), I’m not anti-do-cool-new-things, so based on what I did last year, I’ve made a list of 5 things that I’d like to do more of this year.

1. Travel

99% of the population’s number one priority in  life. And if it isn’t, it should be. Wanderlust is a blessing and a curse – a never ending desire to visit new places and return to those you loved, a desire that can never be fulfilled… My top destinations currently would be Iceland, New York, Japan and Sweden, but honestly the list changes every time I see a travel photo. I already have a tiny trip to New Zealand planned for February and I’m sure I’ll be all over the next trip as soon as I’m back!

2. Be a better adult

Every time I try to cook something more extensive than a salad, it seems to take me around 3 hours (not including shopping for the bizarre ingredients the recipe seems to involve) which is a SLIGHTLY unrealistic time frame for making dinner ever night.

3. Embrace the monochrome X colour mashup

In 2015 I did something I never thought I would do. I started wearing (some) minimalistic monochrome outfits. When people come back from long trips they always say they’ve been changed / cultured blah blah etc, and I always thought the whole thing was a little ridiculous right. But Europe DID change me. It made me like minimalism and monochrome. NOTE: I am talking about super hipster cool awesome Scandinavian / Berlin minimalism & monochrome, none of this Melbourne black jeans white tee business.

4. Treat yo self

To be honest all this is about is that I really like brunch (like a lot in case you couldn’t tell), and I’m gonna continue to eat like a lot of brunch.

5. Take chances

> Make small sacrifices for bigger gains (and no not the muscle kind, but yes secretly also that kind)

Again a term I really hate. BUT at the end of 2015 I did something I never thought I would do again. I went camping (read more about it HERE). And I had the best time ever. Well the camping was awful, but because I sucked it up I got to enjoy a 4 day music festival with all my friends. I suppose the point of this is that small sacrifices reap big gains.

2015 becoming 2016 definitely won’t make me hate the gym (yeah I’m one of that 1% who actually enjoys exercising), it won’t stop me binge eating salt and vinegar chips, and it definitely won’t turn me into a true Melbournian monochrome-er… But I can definitely learn something from what I did in 2015. Well all know there’s nothing that will ever stop me being colourful anyway.

P.S. I know this post is slightly delayed, but it’s taken me a week to recover from the festival I went to over NYE, so I only really feel like (and actually remember) that it’s the new year now.

Photo 7-01-2016, 3 41 25 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 37 55 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 38 33 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 39 31 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 39 57 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 38 47 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 34 32 PMPhoto 7-01-2016, 3 38 33 PM


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