Naked in the Sky

Lethargic & fuzzy – a feeling only iced coffee and sushi can cure. Now I remember why I don’t go out anymore. But when the cab driver called me a 73 year old for wanting to go home at 10pm (fair), what was I to do…

Now while it may sound bizarre, I can give you 5 reasons I don’t like going out anymore;

1. Sunday is brunch day and anything that messes with the enjoyment of my brunch should be burnt and sent to hell.

2. The music generally sucks. I am now going to reveal something that may shock you all. I hate Rnb music. Except like 2 songs by Drake. Which I don’t think is a particularly redeeming factor. My friend (who also hates this music) and I have a look we give each other across the dance floor when an Rnb song comes on. The look implies a little something like “omg seriously come on could you have picked any worse how the hell am I supposed to dance to this and pretend to have fun for the next 3 minutes and 48 seconds I wanna go die in a hole right now”.

3. I manage to ruin an item of clothing , and / or smash my phone screen every time I go out. And no I’m not getting one of those awful industrial strength iPhone cases. At least the shattered glass will match the shattered-marble-look case I have.

4. After 3.5 months in Europe going from Ibiza to Tomorrowland to Sail Croatia to Berlin (twice) I am totally and utterly partied out (3 months later, yes still).

5. Full time work also kinda cramps your style with the constant exhaustion and lack of time to brush hair.

But much to my friend’s surprise & thanks to a little help from a never ending slushie, I ended up dancing till close (it was only about 2.30am calm down), bobbing (reluctantly) to Justin Bieber (the music choice was VERY unusual) and watching my friend skull red wine (is that a thing now?).

I suppose I can make allowances every now and again for cocktails and bars with names as good as Naked for Satan. If anything is going to be allowed to ruin my brunch it should at the very least be called Satan.

Credit to Bec Loizou for on point photos and absolutely no shame in public photo shoots. 😉 She’d make a great #instagramhusband.

Photo 17-01-2016, 7 22 24 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 7 54 30 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 8 12 19 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 8 13 10 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 8 14 11 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 8 20 54 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 8 30 51 PMPhoto 17-01-2016, 9 49 05 PM

Outfit details: Topshop top and shoes, Sandro Paris skirt, Zara bag

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