Bat Shirts & Mermaid Skirts

Who doesn’t love being mistaken for a mermaid at work? Exactly. That’s why my mermaid skirt is my favourite new thing.

I recently discovered a store that sells not only mermaid skirts, but bat shirts and a minimalist’s dream clothing / shoe /accessory range. My kind of place when I’m in the minimalist stage of my bipolar fashion sense. Almost like a small piece of Copenhagen but with less tall people.

This mermaid skirt also fulfills my dream of wearing a beautifully tailored corporate pencil skirt, which is constantly crushed by my ghetto booty’s ego and refusal to fit into any. I can’t walk in super duper pointy high heels either – I guess I will never be able to climb that corporate ladder. Although to be honest I’m still unsure as to why people keep trying to climb ladders in pencil skirts and very high pointy stilettos, sounds counterproductive to me. No, that is NOT a cue to wear more Nikes Roshes, please no.

We all know I have just a small obsession with animal prints, fluffy things and cats, so perhaps these new pieces are just another way to express my secret desire to be an animal. Not that you asked, but if I was an animal I’m pretty sure I’d be one of those Bengal cats with the leopard-esque prints.

Photo 19-01-2016, 5 03 31 PMPhoto 19-01-2016, 5 04 16 PMPhoto 19-01-2016, 5 07 12 PMPhoto 19-01-2016, 5 08 39 PMPhoto 19-01-2016, 5 09 47 PMPhoto 19-01-2016, 5 10 53 PMPhoto 19-01-2016, 5 26 48 PM

Outfit 1 – Alpha60 shirt, Topshop skirt, Zara flats, Country Road cuff

Outfit 2 – Alpha60 skirt, Miss Selfridge top, Carvela brogues, H&M earrings

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