I’m Feelin’ 22

It’s still my birthday week, right?! Birthdays can’t only last one day, that’s just cruel. How am I supposed to consume enough pancakes in one day to last me a whole year until next birthday.

Birthdays mean different things to different people. On my birthday I generally attempt to do as much of my two favourite things as I can: eating brunch / fancy food + wearing outfits.

Now you may ask, how can I possibly eat more than ONE brunch? Step 1 – choose two menu items you want to consume. Step 2- trick best friend into sharing. Easy, I can’t believe I never thought of that before.

Next step, choosing outfits. Step 1 – pile on as many sparkly items as possible. Step 2 – remove sparkly items after first birthday activity and choose new sparkly items for next birthday activity. I actually slightly failed myself this year in that I only changed outfits twice, when I technically engaged in three separate birthday activities. Disappointing, I know. There’s nothing I hate more than wasted outfit opportunities. That, and wasting great outfits on undeserving occasions.

After weeks of stressing over the best possible dessert-disguised-as-brunch cafe choice & acceptable-to-wear-Zimmermann-to-dinner restaurant choice, I settled on Trei Cafe & 400 Gradi in Crown. This choice gone wrong could affect my entire 22-year-old-hood. It’s a delicate one. It did not go wrong. For brunch I sampled coconut blueberry hotcakes with coconut froyo, coconut syrup & pistachios and edible flowers; and banoffee French toast with caramalised banana & macadamia crumble. For dinner, a cheese platter, napoli gnocchi, mushroom truffle papperdelle & traditional buffalo mozarella margherita pizza.

While some of you may think this all sounds a little ridiculous and it’s not Christmas… Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas. So this IS Christmas.

Photo 24-01-2016, 3 29 05 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 31 02 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 32 17 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 35 43 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 37 24 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 37 44 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 37 59 PM (1)Photo 24-01-2016, 3 38 35 PMPhoto 24-01-2016, 3 40 08 PM

Outfit 1 Details: The Ragged Priest top, Triangl bather top, & Other Stories skirt, Kenzo clutch, H&M bag pompom, Elle Louise necklace, Alexander McQueen rings

Outfit 2 Details: Zimmermann jumpsuit, Dries Van Noten heels, Elle Louise necklace

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