Warhol X Weiwei

It’s rare you’ll catch me at an art gallery in Melbourne, in fact I think the last time I was at the National Gallery of Victoria was on a school excursion (and I had no choice in the matter); but for an exhibition on two artists with a love for colour & statements I had to make the trip.

Now if you’re going to yell at me for being uncultured and unappreciative etc etc I went to enough galleries and palaces in Europe to literally last me a lifetime. When I say literally, I mean I’m pretty certain there isn’t any left that I haven’t been to.

Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei’s exhibition was everything a colour-loving girl could wish for. To be honest, I think they may have actually made an error installing it in Melbourne given this city’s apparent distaste for colour.

My favourite room from the exhibiton was the flower room – walls covered in bright rainbow flower pictures & paintings; and the centre piece, a huge slab of tiny white porcelain sculptured flowers. And the poor security guards telling people every 5 seconds not to lean over the sculpture because of course some idiot had previously dropped their phone onto it…

My second favourite thing may or may not have been ‘kids’ activities – giant metallic balloons floating around a room with fluoro yellow and pink cow wall paper, and a Warhol-style photobooth with an animated cat that explained the activity to you.

And we can’t forget the giant bicycle sculpture at the entrance. You’d think this would be a nightmare come true for me, given I am the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH to forget how to ride a bike (and thus almost die in Amsterdam). However, I managed to get past this traumatizing experience and stare in adoration at the piece. What WAS traumatizing was the very angry security guard who kept clapping at me when I was apparently walking the wrong direction through the sculpture.

P.S. Outfit coming soon 😉

Photos by Moi & Fei of The Aesthetics.

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