Who is Kitty?

Kitty Burns… Is it a cafe? Is it a children’s play area? Is it an evil ploy to reel in unsuspecting bloggers and take up their entire day with food too pretty to ever stop photographing? Whatever it is, it’s what bloggers’ dreams are made of. And named after my favourite animal, what’s not to like.

This cafe is a magical land of cubby house-inspired tables, pastel geometric mismatching chairs and food arrangements that belong in a hipster art gallery.

The Eton Mess was the complete opposite of a mess; with immaculately placed dried strawberries, miniature meringues and supposedly healthy tiny crunchy things people like to call buckinis. The avocado dish came on what was pretty much a small table, with a splodge of already smashed avocado as well as smash-your-own. And don’t even get me started on the dish that came in a heat-encasing jar.

If you’re looking for photo-worthy food & minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing decor (if you’re reading my blog then YES, that’s you) and best of all, waiters who won’t judge (or will even encourage) you for taking photos for the same amount of time it takes you to actually eat the food, then this is the place for you.

Photo 5-02-2016, 8 01 05 PMPhoto 5-02-2016, 8 02 25 PMPhoto 5-02-2016, 8 03 16 PMPhoto 5-02-2016, 8 04 18 PMPhoto 5-02-2016, 8 04 55 PMPhoto 5-02-2016, 8 06 00 PMPhoto 5-02-2016, 8 07 09 PM

Photos by moi + Stacy of Tee & Fame

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