The New Clash

Navy, black, Kenzo and the piece that made plunging necklines work-appropriate. Just a few of my trusty staples for 2016 (of course Kenzo should be a staple for ANY year, age, style, universe, species).

Who ever said navy & black shouldn’t be worn together was wrong. A lot of ‘style’ rules seem a little outdated and I live by the motto that rules are made to be broken (in fashion of course; rest assured I do not live by this motto when it comes to like, actual laws).

So in the name of breaking rules, here’s a little outfit I put together with some navy/black clashing. Add pearls, a minimalistic bag, a classic-yet-also-a-statement watch, some Kenzo and no one will even notice what you’ve done wrong. I also recommend wearing Kenzo if you’re going to be doing something actually illegal, as you could probably bribe the police with it… Just kidding, I’d rather go to jail than give away my Kenzo.

P.S. I think the navy black combo actually compliments my vampire-esque translucent skin, unlike everything else in the world which looks 9938232x better on tanned people.

Photo 8-02-2016, 4 56 42 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 4 58 19 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 00 04 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 4 58 41 PM

Photo 8-02-2016, 5 02 09 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 02 36 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 03 05 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 06 05 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 03 31 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 04 09 PMPhoto 8-02-2016, 5 04 37 PM

Photo 8-02-2016, 5 05 07 PM

Outfit Details: Glamorous shorts, Topshop top, Kenzo phone case, Kenzo boots / Jessica Burmann shoes The Peach Box silver ring, Christian Paul watch, Alpha 60 bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case. 

Shoes pictured: Kenzo boots, Jessica Burmann fluffy flats + black shoes, Tony Bianco slides.

Photos by Fei of The Aesthetics & myself.


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