The Matching Game

I’m good at two things, twirling and matching. Well I’m not great at twirling, but I’m certainly better at it than I am at any other sort of pose. I also managed not to flash Stacy / workmen / randoms in apartment block while attempting to twirl, which is always a plus.

After a slight outfit disaster (cue STRESS) while getting ready for brunch with two fellow bloggers (and thus obviously requiring an immaculate outfit), I managed to pull together some aqua snakeskin, & blue + blue + more blue. So wearing matching shoes + top, and matching skirt + bag pompom + eyeliner, I bounced off to brunch.

While some people may interpret this excessively matching look as a little ‘silly’ I was pretty impressed with myself for managing to find such a perfectly matching pair of shoes and a top that were bought in different stores, in different countries, in different years. While I may not have a knack for G-rated twirling, I certainly have a knack for matching and no one can deny that.

Photo 13-02-2016, 11 09 29 AMPhoto 13-02-2016, 11 08 45 AM

Photo 13-02-2016, 11 08 15 AMPhoto 13-02-2016, 11 04 41 AMPhoto 13-02-2016, 11 11 07 AM

Photo 13-02-2016, 11 04 07 AMPhoto 13-02-2016, 11 10 12 AMPhoto 13-02-2016, 11 03 16 AM

Outfit Details: Nicholas The Label bustier, Sandro Paris skirt, Kurt Geiger shoes, Topshop bag, H&M bag pompom, Urban Outfitters phone case, Alexander McQueen ring 

Photos by Stacy of Tee & Fame

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