Land of Lakes – Part 1

New Zealand is a magical land where the city meets the mountains, lakes are bluer than the sky and traffic lights are replaced with weird roundabouts where people try their hardest to smash into you.

Our week in Queenstown and Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park presented over a lifetime’s supply of jaw-dropping views, some seriously-Instagrammable moments and weather so erratic it put Melbourne to shame.

We stayed in Queenstown – the adventure capital of New Zealand – for 5 nights. Now I am someone who doesn’t generally like throwing myself off of high places or feeling like I’m going to die. Therefore the river jet boating experience, helicopter flight and watching my #instagramhusband throw himself off of a high place produced enough adrenaline to last me a while (potentially my whole life). Most of this adrenaline was produced by the fear that if something happened to said #instagramhusband then I would have no one to take my photos… JOKING, I swear! And for those wondering, bungee jumping was safely completed, he is now however even more scared of heights than he previously was.

I’ve decided to split this blog post into 2, simply because I can’t cut down the photos enough to fit into one post, and there’s nothing I hate more than wasted good photos. So stay tuned for Mt Cook & Milford Sound experiences.

Photos of Queenstown, Lavender Farm, Lake Pukaki, Lake Tekapo, and Lake Wakatipu.

Photo 18-02-2016, 3 05 55 PMPhoto 18-02-2016, 2 12 30 PMPhoto 18-02-2016, 2 08 36 PMPhoto 19-02-2016, 12 20 40 PMDCIM102GOPRO

Photo 18-02-2016, 8 43 29 AMPhoto 17-02-2016, 10 53 19 AM

Photo 17-02-2016, 9 59 47 AMPhoto 21-02-2016, 11 27 18 AM


5 thoughts on “Land of Lakes – Part 1

  1. I stayed in Queenstown for 5 days too.. Such a beautiful place.. Truly a paradise on earth.. N yes, u r spot on bout the lakes 🙂 My fave is Pukaki.. The blue is unbelievable


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