Land of Glaciers – Part 2

My favourite moments of my New Zealand trip were visiting the Tasman Valley and Milford Sound. Both these areas were formed when giant glaciers, stretching many kilometres long, melted after an ice age. It appears as though I have some sort of innate adoration for glacier-formed structures.

The glacier explorer trip we did involved boating across the Tasman Lake to view icebergs and the part of the glacier that still remains. My hands almost froze off from holding a giant lump of ice our guide picked up out of the water, but really, who needs hands.

The last day of our entire trip involved a 12 hour exploration of the fiordland rainforests, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, finishing with a cruise through Milford Sound. While torrential rain was enough to scare most people away from the outdoor viewing platform, I was (almost) brave enough to stay outside while we passed a waterfall. And when I say passed, I mean went through. This resulted in my BF and I becoming fully soaked through multiple layers of clothes. I ran inside at the last second so was very slightly less dripping wet than he was. A comfy 4.5 hour ride home we had.

A country so beautiful it often looked photo-shopped in photos, New Zealand is definitely a holiday destination I would recommend to everyone.

Photo 16-02-2016, 4 25 57 PMPhoto 16-02-2016, 4 27 49 PMDCIM102GOPROPhoto 16-02-2016, 5 19 23 PMPhoto 17-02-2016, 7 22 06 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 1 47 14 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 2 33 50 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 3 42 45 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 3 59 36 PMDCIM102GOPROPhoto 20-02-2016, 4 13 46 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 4 49 34 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 4 50 31 PMPhoto 20-02-2016, 12 47 48 PM


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