On The Fringe

It’s unusual to walk into a store and see everything you’d ever wished for. But I recall experiencing this feeling when I entered a Zara store in Madrid last year. How I managed to leave with ONLY a long fringed handbag, and not the entire store, beats me… Turns out I had better self-discipline for not filling my already-overflowing suitcase than for not eating paella until I felt extremely unwell. Surprising, I know.

Now you may ask, what was everything I’d ever wished for? Well, anything and everything suede, tasseled, or fringed. I somehow managed to settle on a very long fringed bag in black (quite understated actually if you ask me), which my friends got much amusement out of. Apparently ridiculously long fringes that go down to below my knees and hit everyone around them are amusing. I disagree.

Much to my excitement, this trend didn’t rapidly die like I though it would. Especially given it’s so over the top, and we all know fashionistas thrive on understated. On the other hand, I (still) never want to see anything again that I wore in Europe, yet the bloody bag is so fashionable I have to wear it. #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS

Photo 4-03-2016, 11 53 35 PMPhoto 4-03-2016, 11 52 06 PMPhoto 16-06-2015, 4 40 16 PMPhoto 4-03-2016, 11 50 31 PMPhoto 4-03-2016, 11 52 55 PMPhoto 16-06-2015, 4 44 03 PMPhoto 4-03-2016, 11 50 50 PMPhoto 16-06-2015, 4 48 55 PM (1)Photo 4-03-2016, 11 51 57 PMPhoto 16-06-2015, 4 52 57 PMPhoto 4-03-2016, 11 52 05 PM

Bag: Zara / Boots: River Island

Outfit details: Topshop jumpsuit and bag, Zara jacket, Urban Outfitters shoes

Photography by Danielle Kate Simpson & Fei of The Aesthetics


8 thoughts on “On The Fringe

  1. Apparently we both live for the same things fashion-wise (almost). I love fringes and tassels too but so-so about suede. Beautiful post. Love the way you told the story.


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