A Box of Bella (Beautiful) Things

There’s not much I like more in life than makeup and food. Well, actually I also like pompoms, sequins, my instagram husband, sparkly nail polish, learning about genetic diseases, electronic music, Danish minimalistic clothing brands, meerkats, sarcasm… Ok so maybe I like a lot of things… Luckily the beautiful blue bellabox that arrived in my mailbox this month contains a few of those things.

This selection of snazzy beauty items + sneaky extras included:

  • Nutritious snacks – AKA my favourite thing on Earth
  • Hair chalk – genius for someone who doesn’t have the guts to dye their hair but loves funky colours
  •  Hair treatment oil – perfect for someone like me who only has time to get her haircut once a year and thus whose locks require some SERIOUS rejuvenation
  • Benefit pore minimiser – no I don’t only wash my face once a year, but I certainly put it through a lot (namely suncream due to vampire status)
  • + more…

This box is exactly what I want to come home to after a long day at university studying genetic diseases and looking at meerkats. Yes, there’s meerkats at my research centre. No, I’m not kidding.

If you also love snacks, beauty, makeup, pretty things, fun things, pampering yourself, etc… – check out bellabox to get a selection of these things delivered to your door every month! 🙂

Photo 19-03-2016, 9 28 24 AM (1)Photo 19-03-2016, 9 27 58 AM (2)Photo 19-03-2016, 9 25 50 AM (2)Photo 19-03-2016, 9 22 35 AM (2)

Sponsored by bellabox.

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