Italian-Inspired Moments

h an Italian influence, summery flavour & a popping colour that we all know I adore, this modern twist on a classic cocktail is just what I wanted to be sipping over the Easter break…

NOTE: by Easter break, I mean period of time when I should have been writing my literature review but was instead drinking cocktails and play cards against humanity.

There’s not a lot of places I like more than Italy, and there’s not a lot of Italian drinks I like more than Spritz. And there’s definitely nothing I love more than reminiscing about Europe moments, like that time I got a Spritz and a calzone bigger than my head in Venice, or the time we drank Spritz in Berlin before going to the dirtiest (but also best, in true Berlin style) club known to man.

If you too enjoy procrasti-cocktailing and Italian-inspired moments, check out Sofi Spritz – available for purchase at Dan Murphy’s.

Photo 27-03-2016, 1 00 24 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 1 01 14 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 1 01 49 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 1 02 04 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 55 28 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 55 46 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 57 38 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 57 53 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 58 14 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 58 32 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 59 13 PMPhoto 27-03-2016, 12 59 56 PM

In collaboration with Sofi Spritz, collaboration sourced via Shopping Links.

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