Boho For A Cause

There’s nothing I’m loving more at the moment than electric blue, sheer things, and sheer items that I can wear without sacrificing future job prospects. Oh, and clothing brands that support not only ethical production but ALSO helping homeless animals around the world.

When I came across Hepburn Clothing, I knew it would help me to nail the boho chic look that I’ve been attempting since I was a tween, when Kate Moss brought in skinny jeans (yeah, a long time ago) and Sienna Miller rocked boho chic like no other.

This dress is also amazingly fun to swoosh and twirl in, possibly two of my favourite activities. I was really unsure as to whether swoosh was a word, and if it wasn’t I was going to make it a word. If you were wondering, it is actually a word. I don’t think it means exactly what I want it to, but if you imagine what ‘swooshing’ would look like, I’m pretty sure it would look like floating around in this dress.

On top of all this, Hepburn Clothing supports homeless cats and dogs, and produces all their clothing in an ethical, sweatshop/child labor-free manner. When we say an outfit is ‘to die for’, remember that you don’t want someone to literally die for it.

For any boho chic / ethical shopping / animal loving fashionistas, shop my look @ Hepburn Clothing.

Photo 26-03-2016, 4 16 51 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 17 39 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 17 58 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 19 48 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 18 14 PM

Photo 26-03-2016, 4 18 33 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 18 55 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 19 34 PMPhoto 26-03-2016, 4 17 29 PM

Outfit Details: Hepburn Clothing dress, Comptoirs des Cotonniers shoes, Topshop bag, Chandrah beads, Arrow Divine ring, Krystle Knight ring

In collaboration with Hepburn Clothing.

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