Uni Days with UNiDAYS

Whoever said that university days were the best days was totally right. There is sleeping in (besides 8am lectures oh so fun), time for brunch during the week (and thus avoidance of 2 hour waits at The Kettle Black) and the ability to wear over-the-knee boots (or maybe that was just me). On top of all this there’s UNiDAYS helping you out with shopping discounts, because they understand the one downside of uni is having spent all your (non-existent) money on booze cruises and ball tickets (I mean textbooks).

I actually went back to uni only to realise after having worked full time there is one downside to uni. HOMEWORK. Oh and I’m studying Honours which is pretty much like full time work but also with homework. Yay. Either way, nothing some retail therapy can’t fix. Now just to find the time and money. Luckily UNiDAYS gives me access to like a billion discounts, and helps me literally save money while shopping. Everyone knows if you get a discount then you actually GAIN money. I actually first found out about UNiDAYS in London where I got a special discount at H&M. This was pretty convenient given the extremely large amount of debt I appeared to be in at the end of my Europe trip.

If you also like discounts for a huge range of brands, saving money and you’re currently a student, join up for discounts HERE! Simply click the ‘join now’ green button in the top right hand corner. Oh and there’s also an app to get discounts via your phone.

Here’s me being a uni kid with my backpack and all. No over-the-knee boots yet, sorry.

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Outfit Details: Romwe shirt, Topshop jacket, Miss Patina skirt, Zara shoes, Country Road backpack


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