The New Power Couple

Mister and Miss, the new brunch cafe in Melbourne hosting smashed avo extravaganzas for all.

I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful event hosted by Mister and Miss and The Social Platform last weekend, where I experienced this smashed avo extravaganza. Yes, a smashed avo extravaganza – more commonly known as generous helpings of crushed avocado,  a year’s supply of goat’s cheese, drizzled heaven (or balsamic glaze as some call it), and bread that is crunchy enough but not too crunchy that you require a steak knife for cutting (and when you don’t have one you desperately saw for hours until you unexpectedly slit through the bread and your food flies everywhere). In other words, this cafe has my approval.

Oh there is also other things on the menu, but I have been here twice and ordered the smashed avo both times – something UNHEARD of with me usually.

On top of this, there was stunning flowers by Kerr and Valencia, coffee by Axil Coffee Roasters, The Bar Counter and Liberty Kombucha (promoting friendly gut bacteria because despite how it sounds, gut bacteria are GOOD for us 😀 and I’m a scientist so should believe me).

Mister and Miss – 713 Whitehorse Rd, Mont Albert (Melbourne)

Thanks to The Social Platform for hosting the event!

Outfit Details: Topshop sequin bag, Alexander McQueen clutch, Zara coat, Topshop skirt and skivvy, Misguided shoes, H&M pompoms

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