Double Trouble

Photo 2-05-2016, 2 38 20 PM

I don’t always wear denim, but when I do I wear it in doubles. Was feeling some farm-girl-meets-comfy-chic-meets-fake-haircut vibes for my shoot with my friend the magician (photographer) Em Roberts.

In the magical world that is the National Gallery of Victoria garden, we combated mist and giant pink alien spaceships. The mist is apparently recycled water. I’m so glad I kept walking through it. It’s also quite wet, despite appearing like light smoke rather than water. In case you were wondering, no we didn’t see any of the tiny pink aliens and no I didn’t cut my hair. Unfortunately, I lack the courage to cut my hair into the short straight black bob with bangs that I dream of. You’d think with the audacity I have to wear pattern clashes and pink fair floss coats, I would have already tried this look. But clothes you can take off, hair you cannot.

Photo 2-05-2016, 2 38 24 PMPhoto 2-05-2016, 2 37 27 PMPhoto 2-05-2016, 2 37 44 PMPhoto 2-05-2016, 2 38 17 PMPhoto 2-05-2016, 2 38 13 PMPhoto 2-05-2016, 2 37 51 PMPhoto 2-05-2016, 2 38 09 PM

Zara denim shirt and bag / The Ragged Priest denim vest / Topshop turtleneck and pants / Kurt Geiger shoes

Photos by Em Roberts Photography // Photos taken at the National Gallery of Victoria.

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