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Everyone has to drink water right? Oh, well only if you want to live that is. So why not drink it out of sleek glass bottle with a real gold plated lid? Genius, I know. Add some French & SUIS has it all.

Je suis, or ‘I am’ in French inspired the title of this brand. Makes sense because we are made up of A LOT of water. So saying ‘I am’ while drinking water is pretty true. And no one can deny that a little French in our lives has never hurt anyone. It would be great if each sip of water came with a baguette and some Brie (a bite of croissant wouldn’t hurt either), but we can’t have everything in life, can we. I suppose I could always bring my SUIS to France and then I’d be all set.

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I was lucky enough to attend the ‘I AM’ themed launch of SUIS at the so-chic-it’s-barely-exercise Bodhi & Ride studio in Port Melbourne. The first part of the event involved the only enjoyable yoga experience I’ve ever had. I was actually unsure at some points in time as to whether I was building core stability, or mind stability from the images of this minimalistic dream space. The people of Bodhi & Ride are so energetic, bubbly, warm, fit and colourful (I seriously need to get onto nice gym gear) that I think they secretly come from some magical energy land.

After yoga, we got to hear from not only Jenny Cui co-founder of SUIS, but also Sarah Holloway co-founder of Matcha Maiden, Kim Stub co-founder of Talbot Avenue and Emma Evans co-founder of Mingle Seasoning and CEO of CAPI. The event just got better and better, with refreshments following by Lains and Co, Mingle Seasoning, The Original Totes Amazeballs and Matcha Maiden. Lains and Co make smoothies that I could literally drink for every meal. I must have been enjoying the açaí & matcha smoothie shots so obviously, that I was given the rest of the bottle to take home. I may or may not have also eaten about 100 brownies by The Original Totes Amazeballs. But they’re so healthy I might as well have been eating chicken and broccoli and zero cares were had. After making myself feel extremely unwell from over-consumption of healthy brownies, I moved onto the roast vegetables seasoned with Mingle Seasoning, just in case I hadn’t had enough nutrients to last the rest of my life yet. There was also a drink containing edible mud, which was unexpectedly very nice and did not taste like mud at all.

Photos taken at Bodhi & Ride – 416/418 Bay St, Port Melbourne

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