A Beauty Overhaul

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I’m not usually one for huge amounts of pampering, I’m more of a shower-as-quickly-as-possible, makeup-wipe-as-cleanser, hair-doesn’t-need-no-brushing kinda gal. The other day I told my friend I didn’t wash my face after using makeup wipes to remove makeup and she gave me a stunned look. Similar to the one I often get when I tell people I don’t own any track-pants (it’s true). Similar to the look I gave someone the other day when they said they’d never tried coffee, ever (they were exiled from Melbourne seconds later). Oh and for the record, brushing makes my hair frizzy, it’s not just me being lazy I swear.

So after this horrified look I received when describing my beauty routine… I decided it was probably time for an overhaul. Anyway, here are my 5 beauty favourite products of the moment:

1. SK Collection candle – it has my name on it and I’m in love. Okay so not really a beauty product, but you light it while you’re doing beauty stuff and it smells nice and then the beauty regime is instantly more fun!

2. el8te (Goat Milk & Rose range) – this skincare range is made from 100% Australian fresh goat’s milk and scented with rose oil. There’s no synthetic fragrances or colour additives and most importantly they’re not tested on animals! I found this moisturiser really light and not over-saturating. I have a bit of a habit of moisturising my face and then putting makeup on only to result in weird clumpy masses of foundation all over my face. Thankfully this face cream is so light and soaks in so well that I can avoid any foundation ‘clump’ situations. And you people question why I hate summer – you know what comes withe Summer, SUNCREAM, and suncream causes foundation-clump-syndrome like no other.

3. Skrub masks & body scrubs– 100% natural, organic, vegan magical clay, coffee & salt skrubs that make your skin so soft you want to just pat it all the time as if you’re a cute kitty. The salt skrub is made from sea salt – you know how everyone always says the ocean is healing? All those properties harnessed into a body scrub! Well not the sunshine, but close enough. There’s even one with epsom salts for reducing muscle soreness if you’re like me and are perpetually in some sort of self-inflicted muscle pain from this really fun place they call the gym (that’s not even sarcasm, I actually like it most of the time). Check out their website for more about the clay mask and coffee scrub.

4. SUIS water bottle- because drinking water from a glass bottle with chic written on it is as chic as drinking water comes, and everyone knows dehydration is not a good look.

5. Sweet Mickie cookie – because people say you’re beautiful when you’re smiling and I’m smiling when I’m eating a delicious cookie. They also have funny quotes.

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In collaboration with el8te, Skrub, SUIS, Sweet Mickie & SK Collection

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