A Furry Moment W/ Ida Faux Fur

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For the most faux fur obsessed person on Earth, discovering Ida Faux Fur, an entirely faux fur clothing brand, was something of a dream. I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask India, the designer behind Ida Faux Fur, a few questions about this amazing brand.

1. Was there a specific moment or turning point when you just knew you wanted to be a fashion designer, or did the idea evolve over time? 

I have had a “passion for fashion” since I can remember. As a little girl I would trawl through kiddy fashion catalogues and select pieces I loved by folding the top corners. I use to change my outfit 10 times a day (which use to drive my mother mad! I would even flat lay outfit combinations and beg my father to rank them from 1-10 in order of favourite). My mother was a fashion designer so I suppose fashion is ingrained in me. While I toyed with more “conventional” careers at times, pursuing fashion meant I was being true to myself.

India and I sound like we had a similar childhood… Although instead of wanting to change my outfit, I wanted to wear the same one everyday – a very pink Cinderella dress with a giant tule skirt, that I insisted on wearing everywhere, including to gymnastics class (much to the teacher’s dismay). I used to collect every possible fashion magazine with my cousin from when we were about 12. We’d cut out our favourite celebrity or runway outfits and stick them onto our wardrobe doors, in a ranked order. It was a very serious process.

2. What made you choose to design furry scarves? Was there a specific inspiration behind the brand?

I studied at the acclaimed White House Institute of Design in Surry Hills Sydney. One afternoon after I had finished class I strolled down to a vintage store close by and tried on my very first faux fur jacket. It was love at first sight! I had spent years feeling very lost and insecure but this jacket made me feel feminine and powerful! I knew then that one day when I had my own label that acrylic fur would be my material of choice. I wanted to develop a brand and product that empowered women the same way the vintage fur had empowered me.

I definitely agree that fabulous fashion pieces make me feel powerful! There’s nothing more powerful than walking into a room with pompom earrings on and everyone stopping to stare… They’re staring because I look cool, right?

 3. Why did you decide to use faux fur?

I think wearing real fur is unnecessary. We are fortunate that in this day and age high quality faux fur is available. Ida is so soft and shiny that it is often mistaken for the “real deal” but I can proudly say that our pieces are not made at the expense of animals.

It’s a relief to say that no furry friends were harmed in the process of making these beautiful piece! They’re totally guilt free!

 4. Which is your favourite Ida Faux Fur piece?

My favourite piece changes depending on what my day looks like. Due to this cold snap I have found myself wearing the Milla scarf for the extra warmth.

 5. How do you style your faux fur pieces and do you have any other tips and tricks for styling your pieces? 

The beauty about Ida is that you can literally wear it with anything from formal wear to street wear to gym gear. I am a mum to a very busy toddler so active wear with Ida tends to be my uniform. How you wear Ida is such a personal thing. It is about feeling comfortable and styling it in a way that compliments your body type. I also wear a lot of black, white, denim and kaki. I like simple clothes best with statement accessories.

I definitely agree about the statement accessories… I just wear statement clothes too. 😀

6. What do you see for the future of Ida Faux Fur? Would you consider expanding beyond faux fur? Or beyond scarves?

Eventually I would love to see Ida in every high end Australian boutique. I plan to introduce apparel into our AW17 collection which is very exciting! We have some Ahhhhmazing pieces in the pipeline!

An apparel collection – sounds epic! Looks like cruelty-free Cruella de Vil is here to stay.

Check out how I styled my pieces & shop Ida Faux Fur HERE.

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Look 1: Ida Faux Fur Milla scarf styled with mustard, navy, black & cream.

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Look 2: Ida Faux Fur Milla scarf with cream, black, metallics & vampy lips.

In collaboration with Ida Faux Fur





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