Sun Hunting

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If you thought I meant I’m hunting the actual sun, you obviously don’t know me and my vampire ways at all. I’m clearly referring to my new BRIGHT (AKA just the way I like it) orange knit.

Knits can go either way, so-chunky/textured-I-look-like-some-sort-of-fashionable-futuristic-ice-age-mammal OR so-boring-looking-you-could-literally-put-me-to-sleep. Earlier this year when shopping for new Winter clothes, majority of the Melbourne stores were very unfortunately selling the latter kind of knit. I actually got a headache during the shopping experience, from all the boring clothes I saw. Yes there was a clear and direct causal effect between boring knits + my headache. I’m a Scientist so you have to believe me.

Anyway, after much disappointment, I stumbled across this fabulously bright & chunky piece on Ozsale, and there were no boring-clothes-induced headaches to be seen. Benefits of wearing hugely chunky bright orange knits:

  1. Your friends can recognise you very easily – I was trying to work out where my friend was who I was meeting, and she saw a flash of bright orange from across the street and assumed (correctly) it was me.
  2. The neck area is so large it is the most effective windbreaker ever. I may or may not have actually put this up over half my face. It also doubles as a balaclava if you want to rob any banks, although the bright orange could possibly reduce the effectiveness of the balaclava.

Shop my knit by Lipstick on Ozsale.

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Processed with VSCO with s3 presetProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset

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Lipstick orange knit from OZSALE / Glamorous shorts / Kurt Geiger boots / Zara bag / Klasse14 watch

In collaboration with Ozsale & Klasse14


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