A Day of Vanity

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I’m not usually one for beauty treatments, mostly because I don’t have the time or money (believe me if I had those, I’d be having daily manicures – daily because of my weird nail disease*), but I recently made a special exception – because how on earth could I possibly attend a donut event WITHOUT donut nail art?

And how could I possibly find a salon that could do donut nail art you may ask? Well thanks to VANIDAY, it was pretty easy actually. It’s a website AND app that has salons providing every beauty and wellness service you could ever desire. So all I did was search ‘Nail Art’ in Melbourne and it came up with all the places offering that.

You can book your appointment and pay through the app, they even send you friendly reminders in case you didn’t put the appointment in your paper diary, phone diary, phone reminders, alarms and tell Siri to remind you (trust me if you’re getting donut nail art you DONUT want to miss the appointment). Best of all, you don’t have to actually make a phone call to book – because let’s be honest, phone calls are distressing and half the time you end up with an appointment at an unknown time because you couldn’t really hear what the other person said but you were too embarrassed to ask them to repeat it for the 10th time. I’m not sure if I’m slightly deaf, or I haven’t quite worked out where the speakers are on my phone, or perhaps I just had the sound turned down after my bf yelled at me for playing Insta-stories out aloud.

The only issue I had was a problem with coordination between appointments on the app and the salon, but VANIDAY were quick to sort this out and fix any issues. Unlike 99% of apps, there are actually real, local people behind the app who are available to help you and sort out any issues at top speed. Or alternatively, they’re very friendly efficient robots who know how long nail art takes.

I tested out VANIDAY for a blow wave from Volume Hair and nail art from Miss Jay’s Nails and Beauty. Miss Jay didn’t even complain about my weird nail disease* – if you’re looking for nail art to match anything your heart desires, Miss Jay can do it.

With everything from manicures to blow waves to body wraps to paraffin manicures to oxygen facials to microdermabrasion (I don’t even know what half of this stuff is, but you can get it!), check out all the options on VANIDAY HERE.

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*See the length of my nails??!!! – they just don’t grow!

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In collaboration with VANIDAY

2 thoughts on “A Day of Vanity

  1. Donut love, yummy! Weird that your nails don’t grow… Did you fall on them once, or maybe cut them too short a while ago? Love the nailart though, and seems it’s still possible, even if they’re not that long 🙂


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