Camel Ride


Throwback to some shots from a while ago at the Andy Warhol X Ai Wei Wei exhibition bicycle structure. Possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and one of the only art pieces I’ll ever really like…

Normally the more you try something, the more you like it. I never thought I would ever like the taste of wine or coffee, but now I can’t imagine how anyone could possible not like them. Unfortunately for me, art and beer are yet to follow this path. While beer is supposedly an ‘acquired’ taste, the only thing I have acquired from beer was the feeling of not being able to fit into the extremely expensive Dirndl I purchased to wear at Oktoberfest due to an overnight-acquired beer belly. One of my friends may or may not have actually split hers open. The zips on our Dirndls and my ability to down liquid I detest the taste of are going to be tested again this Sunday… Stay tuned for many an Instagram story of me looking disgusted as I drink beer.

I have certainly acquired much more enjoyment from art, but there are few pieces in the world that got me as excited as this bicycle formation. Whether it’s the incredible design, or the adrenaline rush I get from my fear of bicycle riding (or lack of bicycle riding ability), we will never know.


Topshop coat, top, boots / H&M pants / Zara bag / House of Harlow 1960 ring

Photography by Em Roberts Photography

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