Derby Day

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Derby Day – the only day of the year that I will willingly wear all black. Did I say all black? I kinda lied. I did my best, but there was no chance I was actually going to stick to the dress code from head to toe. The crazy rainbow lady cannot, and will not, be tamed.

As my first sign of rebellion, I sported not one, but two head pieces – because, like Sunday morning coffees, pom-pom earrings and #ootds, sometimes one just isn’t enough. I like to fit as many outfit changes into my life as humanly possible. The second stage of rebellion was a pair of shoes, that are literally magic personified (yes, shoes are people too). There was no doubt that it was me with these shoes on, despite the deceiving dress colour. Fulfilling the Derby Day dress code was made simple, thanks to Style Theory lending me this amazing Three Floor dress. Otherwise I would have probably been going naked. Just kidding, I actually do own black, despite what everybody thinks.


Contrary to a misleading title, the Birdcage does not in fact involve any birds, or cages, of any kind. However, some of the millinery presented did largely resemble bird-like structures, so perhaps the name is appropriate. Aside from bird-inspired pieces, themes for the day included genetically modified overgrown albino flowers, Blair-Waldorf-on-steroids headbands, pieces that couldn’t decide if they wanted to be a hat or a fascinator & funeral veils (which my head piece fit under the category of, according to the one and only #theboywholivedforclothes). While attempting to avoid any contact with the scorching sun (or ‘perfect weather’ as others called it), I was lucky enough to pop into the Schweppes marquee, Wolf Blass marquee and Sensis marquee.

The Schweppes marquee provided beautiful open sides for celebrity spotting (or in my case being told who celebrities were, because I spend my life on Instagram and have no time for TV #notevenjoking), outfit judging & viewing the ‘nice’ weather from a safe distance. Oh, and the natural lighting (nailed it guys!) was of course perfect for taking 23182392 photos of my outfit while tasting different cocktails. The sensory theme of the Schweppes marquee included beautiful canapes, which were the perfect size for putting into your mouth all at once without looking like you’ve just entered a marshmallow eating contest. What a relief, because no one wants to take one bite and watch in horror as the other half disintegrates all over your outfit / hair / bag / camera (my life is finding bits of food in my hair and trying to remove them without anyone noticing). The cocktails were even more enticing, combining refreshing classic flavours, such as a G+T, with a modern twist.

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The Wolf Blass marquee clashed elegance with playfulness, with their ‘Inside the artist’s studio’ themed design. We feasted on classic wines, paired with cheese platters and charcuterie. Their signature cocktail, ‘Blass-for-me’, combining muscato and white peach, was as cheeky as sparkly rainbow shoes at a black and white themed event. The marquee had an eclectic colourful tent style ceiling and butterfly printed wall, with live painting by Australian artist David Bromley. It was as if you’d entered some sort of magical tent-meets-art studio-meets-Australian winery experience.

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The Sensis marquee was where the party was at. The music was loud enough that meant you could just have a boogy, and enjoy the fish and chips and charcoal salted martinis without having to juggle dancing, eating, drinking, snapchatting (with adding the speeding up the video filter) and talking. The perfect marquee for a dance, with no shortage of cocktails, Mumm champagne & filling snacks to keep you energised till the end of the day (which believe me I needed – magic shoes are NOT foot friendly).

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My outfit: Three Floor dress from Style Theory designer hire / Morgan and Taylor veil and floral headband / ASOS shoes / Alpha 60 The Label bag / The Daily Edited name tag

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