An Epicurean Adventure

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This weekend #theboywholivedforclothes and I were lucky enough to visit the Yarra Valley with Epicurean Fine Food and Wine Tours.

For those unfamiliar with Australia, the Yarra Valley is one of the most famous wine regions in Australia. It’s like the Chianti wine region in Tuscany in Italy, except the wine tastings are smaller and there’s less stops to highly preserved walled medieval hill towns on the way. That said, there was no shortage of wine and let’s just say it was lucky the first winery had cheese tastings large enough for 4 people to accompany the wine or I might not have made it to the next.

The winery tour not only took us to a number of highly generous wineries for tastings, but the scenery was also coincidentally stunning for photos. Well actually it wasn’t a coincidence, our fabulous tour guide catered to exactly what we wanted out of the tour – the perfect Instagram backdrop! Just kidding, the focus of the tour was obviously wine, but it can’t hurt if you just happen (okay so maybe it took 3 backdrops and 892932 photos later) to get a fantastic photo too. It was also the first time #theboywholivedforclothes had managed to take photos without either complaining continuously throughout photographing (inevitably resulting in blurry photos with the outfit cut off) or announcing we were finished with photographing after taking a maximum of 6.8 photos (the 0.8 is because he took the last while walking towards me and the photo is of my hand reaching for the camera).

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After visiting the first winery, De Bortoli Winery, I could actually tell the difference between the taste of varieties of red wine. Also, for the first time in my life I even enjoyed dessert wine; mostly because the blue cheese I ate with it meant I was unable to taste the dessert wine at all. Three more wineries, Yering Station, Tokar Estate and Domaine Chandon, and 20 tastings later, I could almost tell the difference between a white and a red wine.

If you’re after a small tour that’s very informative but also relaxed, classy but also not a problem if you are a huge lightweight (definitely not me), and very very picturesque, check out Epicurean Tours.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Ozsale shirt / Zimmermann skirt / Marcs coat

Photographed in the Yarra Valley

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