Don’t Worry

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While I’ve never visited New York, Los Angeles or Miami, the brand NYLAMI (NY-LA-MI) tells me that I might just fit in quite well. When people can recognise you just from the back of your NYLAMI Neo Punk jacket, you know it was meant to be.

NYLAMI could be described as the most intricate and incredible DIY project ever, with a special message behind their signature ‘Don’t Worry’ Neo Punk jackets. They designed the jackets with their own personal struggles in mind, hoping to reach out to others in similar situations and spread their positive mantra. NYLAMI understands that while ‘not worrying’ is not always an option, you have to try to stay positive and carry on despite the situation. Read more about the story behind the design HERE.

While I haven’t always been the most positive person alive (#theboywholivedforclothes complains daily about how much I complain, #ironic), it’s almost impossible to be unhappy while wearing a jacket dripping in sparkly things with ‘Don’t Worry’ on the back. It’s not a bad thing to have as a reminder, whether it’s for when something happens that’s as silly or small as your liquid eyeliner being uneven, being served brunch on a black plate, or forgetting the cord for your portable charger…and of course for when bigger issues in life are thrown at you. Actually I take it back, if you’ve forgotten the cord for your charger, ain’t no positive mantra gonna save you now.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset

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NYLAMI jacket, clutch and cuffs / And Other Stories skirt / Calvin Klein bra / Kenzo boots / Uncle Jack watch / Oscar Wylee sunglasses

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